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The new exchange to swap your crypto assets
Using the latest blockchain technology with full 24/7 support

We are an independent company, also part of the Phoenix Shield Group, founded in 2019 and based in Dubai.
Our specialized team in finance enables XCHANGEUMBRELLA to be a step ahead and offer the best quality of services.

Our main focus is our customers. We believe in service transparency, maintaining the highest standards in security and support.
We work with multiple blockchain cryptocoins and tokens: Bitcoin, Ethereum, BestKoin, ESGC, TIM, ASC, ESC, and many others, combining the traditional world with the digital and believing in the social ballast coins.

We meet all KYC requirements, detecting and combating illegal behaviours.
Our team is fully motivated to deliver the latest development in blockchain technologies, based on the private capital of individuals concerned with bridging the traditional and the modern, in a fast, safe and transparent, worldwide accessible way.

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